Mission & Values


Our mission is to provide various platforms for entertainers, business owners, and influencers to be recognized for their work and accomplishments. Our platforms consist of  Tha L. Spot Online, Tha L. Spot Show and special events. We want to inform our audience of these people in hopes of them becoming supporters, consumers or fans. Also, we provide opportunities for those who want to gain or expand their experience in multimedia, broadcast and event production. Tha L. Spot’s  ultimate goal is for everyone to network & be recognized.


  • Passion: Passion is what drives us to success.
  • Integrity: We believe in honesty, ethics, and fairness.
  • Diversity: We welcome the diversity of new experiences, cultures, and ideas.
  • Quality: We set ourselves at a high standard to deliver quality content.
  • Teamwork: We believe team work helps us all elevate and reach new heights in our career; individually and collectively.
  • Respect: We have respect for ourselves and others. 
  • Leadership: We are fearless leaders creating the pathway for others.
  • Accountability: We take accountability for our work.
  • Fun: We believe you should always have fun in what you are doing in life.


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