Jay-z Has Been Making Headlines All Week! And, We Love It!

If you have been out partying or enjoying time alone this past weekend, then you might have missed all the excitement Jay-z has been making on his latest ventures! Within just a few days, Jay-z has bailed out fathers who can’t afford their own bail for Father’s Day; he was inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame by former President Obama; announces the partnership between Tidal and Sprint of a new Jay-z album entitled 4:44; and the birth of his twins with Beyonce. With all this news, Jay-z has proven that you can be a philanthropist, business man, music artist, and family man, all at the SAME TIME! And, we love it!

In case you missed it, let’s go into a little more details:

In regards to Jay-z bailing out fathers who can’t afford their own bail for Father’s Day:

Jay-z wrote an Op-Ed article in TIME sharing his thoughts on the exploitative bail industry. It discusses his song Guilty Until Proven Innocent and how it still relates to today. With understanding of those who are wrongfully arrested are not able to afford their bail, which leaves them stuck in prison, he wanted to make a change. After seeing organizations such as Southerners on New Ground and Color of Change do a fundraiser to bail out 100 mothers for Mother’s Day, he wanted to do the same for fathers. Read the full article here.

In regards to Jay-z inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame by former President Obama:

Jay-z is the first Hip-Hop artist to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, which was announced by former President Obama. Jay-z was very humbled about it and took to twitter to give credit to all of those who inspired him as a songwriter. Read full article here.

In regards to Tidal’s and Sprint’s new partnership:

For the past two weeks there were teasers about 4:44 but no one had any idea of what this meant. Well, early this morning it was announced of Tidal’s and Sprint’s partnership, where Sprint’s new and current customers will have access to Tidal for free for 6-months and will be able to get the exclusive album 4:44 on June 30th. Read here for more details.

Finally, but not least THE TWINS:

It has been reported that Beyonce has given birth to her twins. It is assumed that the sex of the twins are boy and girl. Read a report from LATimes here.

This weekend was so empowering from Jay-z and we encourage him to continuously grow!

Share with us your thoughts on this past weekend.


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