Trey Songz Artist @MikeXAngel Drops New Mixtape

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MikexAngel seems to be the next powerhouse voice out of Virginia. He’s been featured on a few projects with Trey Songz, and has been creating a strong buzz for himself online and in the media.  From new music, touring with Trey Songz, and his healthy skin and hair regimen, our own Camille Jay got to chat with Virginia’s new R&B Prince, MikexAngel.

Camille Jay: Virginia is known for breeding some powerhouse voices. From Pharrell to Chris Brown, Trey Songs and DRAM. How do you feel being next up on the list?

MikeXAngel: Pharrell Trey Songz Chris Brown, Dram. It’s amazing and dope to be able to tell my story and be in front of a crowd.  Last year I was working at Amazon and now im on tour with Trey. So its just amazing to see the growth.

Camille Jay: How are feeling a year later looking back at the 180 flip your life a done?

MikeXAngel: i feel blessed, humble. Words can’t even explain it.  But ifI could i would say super blessed because there are people that want to be able to tell their story as well.  Si definitely cant take it for granted.

Camille Jay: =How are you using your music to tell your story? And making it not sound like any other story any other artist or music we’ve ever heard before?

MikeXAngel: Well with me I try to pride myself on, that I always try to tell the story in a different way. Especially with the lyrics. I just have a unique way of telling stories because a lot of my songs are based on relationships.  I just tell them in my eyes.

Camille Jay: So were relationships the influence for this new project? What can we expect to hear on It?

MikeXAngel: A lot of the influences were drawn from older artists because I listen to Stevie Wonder, and other legends.  The project is nothing like any of the things you’ve heard right now on the radio or anything like that.  im excited to see how people gravitate towards it. It’s different than the projects ive been on previously; like Anticipation 3.

Camille Jay: Currenly, it seems like the blending of genres is becoming a trend.  Infusing R&B with Trap or Hip Hop with Reggae and AfroBeat. Would you say that you are falling in line with the trend or creating your own lane?

MikeXAngel: I’m really trying to create my own lane right now. I feel like it’s going to be a process but as I go forth witht his project and the next one, you’ll see the growth and a difference in my music.  I mean I love the new wave of R&B and stuff like that. But im not doing anything you’ve heard.   Not doing the trap with the rap or anything  like that.

Camille Jay: So we won’t see you singing and then spitting some bars later?

MikexAngel: No you might see me spitting some bars, but I’m gonna do it MikexAngel’s way.

Camille Jay: So how has working with Trey influenced you? And has he helped guide you away from problems or do you feel like you are just doing things your won way?

MikeXAngel: One of them ain’t Hingis I learned from being with him ont he road or being with him these pat couple years has just been to believe in yourself and take whatever you have in your mind just stick with it and be sure of it.

Camille Jay: What was one of your craziest moments being on the road with Trey? You guys didn’t wake up and find 5 chicks butt naked in your room or something?

MikexAngel: (laughing) Nah we ain’t get that far yet.  But the craziest thing for me is to see a song I started in my bedroom, and now see people singing and knowing the words. That’s crazy to me, its dope to see that.

Camille Jay: To see your work stirring up emotion.  That’s good though. Thats what its about…….. Now this is the first time ive been this close to you. ANd im seeing all this nice beautiful hair and this nice smooth skin… So what is the regimen because I’m sure that team melanin would want to know?

MikexAngel: I would say just eat clean and pay attention to what you eat. Don’t just be a fatty.  Even out on the road I try to eat what’s right. I have those slip ups sometimes but don’t make it a habit. And Drink a lot of water.

Camille Jay: What’s something you like to do when you’re out here in New York?

MikexAngel : I like to smoke and chill.  New York has some different quality and variety greenery.  But the west coast has the better weed.  I love to record and vibe out with my homies and make new music.

Camille Jay: So what can your fans expect from you moving forward, especially once the project drops?

MikexAngel: Definitely expect an album and of course once I find myself and figure out who I am as a artist, I want to collaborate with a couple people.

Camille Jay: Last thing, Why is your twitter private. I couldn’t see anything on there.

MikexAngel: I locked my tweets because I seen someone retweet something on my page that was a porno, and I didn’t retweet it.  And I just thought it looked bad.

Camille Jay: Is that bad? i thought everyone watched porn.. But what do I know.

MikexAngel: I’m just saying, it looked crazy. It would be a different thing if I put it there.

Camille Jay: I get it. You don’t want people putting words in your mouth.  Thinking youre some time of creep.

MikexAngel: Yea thinking MikeXAngel a freak. Twitter After Dark

After our conversation with MikeXAngel, we are positive he is ready to make a big mark on the music scene.  Make sure you check out his newest project and keep up with him on Tour.


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