Lovely Miss Jones Presented The Take A Moment Panel Last Week

Last Friday, May 26th, the Lovely Miss Jones, LLC and Still Becoming, Inc hosted a Take A Moment panel, which featured panelists: Dr. Kelita Alston-Jones, Chanel McCord, Jasmine Marie Utterback (LAC), Shelley Chapman EdM, and Crystal Fulwood

The panel was addressed with a question of what does take a moment means to you? Here is a paraphrased version of what each panelists said:

Taking a moment with your meals – Shelly Chapman

Taking a moment with being open to receive help. – Crystal Fulwood

Taking a moment to be present – Chanel McCord 

Taking a moment to be aware of what’s going on with our physical body. – Dr. Kelita Alston-Jones

Taking a moment to reflect about where you are and where you want to be. – Jasmine Marie Utterback

They each went into depth of what this means to them. It was a lot to take in but most definitely powerful and spiritual. 

Here are some more paraphased statements that I personally took away from the night: 

The way a person handles trauma is based on the individual. Do not compare yourself to how others handle their trauma.

In regards to living a happy and better life,
Forgive even if you don’t receive an apology; let go; be mindful of how you eat; and have a morning routine.
Overall, this panel shared a lot of gems that it was too much to take note. But, it taught me to take a moment in life. No matter how busy you are take a moment to reflect and pay attention to what your body is telling you. 

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