Too Drunk To Pay Your Tab? Or Leave Your Credit Card At The Bar Too Often? New App Will Resolve These Issues!

I’m thankful to have never been so drunk to forget to pay my tab or leave my credit card at the bar but I have experienced a lot of my friends doing that too many times! I have experienced waiting for the bartender or waiter to comeback to my table so I can close out the bill. But, there’s a new app coming soon that will allow you to pay for your tab without waiting for the bartender to check you out!

Mastercard’s QKR mobile payment services will be upgraded to allow this feature to be used. It will allow customers to open and close their tab, or pay their bill without waiting on average 15 to 20 minutes for the bartender to check them out. It will be free for customers but the standard credit card fees will be applied. Only participating restaurants throughout the United States and United Kingdom will have this app.

How does it work? According to,

“Customers can open the Qkr or the bar’s app, and set up a tab, entering their credit card information if it’s not already stored in the app. Once the tab is ready, customers would get a table number, which they’d give to the bartender each time they order a drink.

When they’re ready to go, customers can close out their tabs in the app. There are options to add other people to the tab, much like how a person can split a fare on Uber, as well as the ability to pay for individual drinks or pay for rounds of drinks. It also provides the option to automatically leave a tip.

If someone forgets to close out a tab, it’s automatically closed at the end of the night. The bartender never needs to hold onto a credit card, and the bar is protected from fraud like fake cards since the Mastercard already preauthorizes the card before a tab is opened.”

I am personally excited to use this app and I hope it becomes available in restaurants or bars I attend.



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