Check Out This Hair App That Will Change Your Life In A Swivel!!


Ladies, life just got a bit easier when it comes to searching for salons in the New York area. No need to stalk people in the street or on social media; being nervous to ask where they got their hair done especially when it comes to hair styles that suit black and Hispanic women. No more struggling in the mirror after watching tons of YouTube videos trying to perfect 3 strand twists. We now have a platform that caters to our hair needs.  Cornrows, twist-outs, Bantu knots, silk presses and the list continues as all services relating to ethnic hairstyles are found on this app.

Longtime friends, Jihan Thompson and  Jennifer Lambert, created this hair app Swivel after years and years of struggling with disappointing hair appointments. They would leave the salon feeling discouraged like they wasted their money. Through their horror stories and troubling experiences, they’ve decided to narrow the search for us all with an app that recommends a list of salons selected for specific skills with their service levels. They have come to our rescue like the hair gods providing places that will have our hair laid with any style desired. This beauty booking app addresses hair types that aren’t typically mainstream like coily, kinky, curly, and transitioning so no worries when it comes to the struggle of managing hair that has a mind of its own, Swivel got you.

This app should be your next download as it was mine this past week! Being able to find salons in your area pertaining to the style in mind is so much easier browsing this app instead of searching hashtags and the explore page on Instagram.  Hopefully, this was a helpful tip for my ladies searching for salons because with the right choice, just one swivel in the chair will have your hair slayed!

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