To Jive Or Not To Jive? (@Jive_official) A New Fashion App To Launch!

New York Fashion Week has just left us but one app that kept our attention after its debut during NYFW is JIVE.

JIVE is a social media application that allows users to share fashion and style focused photos, connecting fashion designers, bloggers, local designers, manufacturers, and the consumers. With a simple swipe indicating they “Jive” or “Don’t Jive” with an outfit, users get the instant gratification of knowing how style around the world looks, what the current trends are, and add their input to future trends. With the ability to tag, geotag and caption outfits, users can see where other user’s outfits are from in one place.


Now that you are all caught up with what this app does, I had the opportunity to speak with the founder of Jive, Osman Choudhury. When asked, what was he doing the moment he thought of Jive, he stated that he was going through his Instagram and Facebook account to look for inspiration for an outfit to wear, he was seeing random pictures that had nothing to do with the hashtag searches. He became so frustrated and decided to create his own app. So, why the name JIVE? Osman stated, with fashion there’s always new trends or bringing back old trends and the term “Jive” is one of them. It was used to describe if you like or don’t like something and this is what he wants to bring back! Although, Osman figured out the concept and the name for this fashion app, he said it wasn’t easy trying to figure out how he wants the interface to be designed. He wanted something easy to use and allows engagement, so he looked at other apps he uses and took what he liked about them and figured out how he can make it work for his own app.

Here are some of the key features for JIVE:

Worldview Section– You are able to see a worldview of everyone who posts a picture on Jive. Users can get inspiration and interact with those all around the world, as well as, letting other users know if you “Jive” or “Don’t Jive” with an outfit/style.

Filters– You can filter the looks based on pattern types, styles, materials, etc. Also, you can filter by categories such as women’s fashion or men’s fashion, or by location. For example, if you want to see what fashion trends are in Los Angeles or New York, you can filter it by the location.

Real-time Data– Users will be able to forecast trends and get real answers on whether a look or style works. For example, a user has to click “Jive” or “Don’t Jive” with a look/style so businesses will get immediate results and real answers on their brands. They can also see if a trend works better by location using the filters so that they can know who or what location to market.

Messaging– Users are able to communicate with each other. For example, a fashion designer can direct message a manufacturer, model, blogger that they have interest in to connect with each other’s brand.

These are some of the features but for more you can visit their website here.

For the next few years, Osman sees JIVE to be known as the “go to” place for the fashion industry.

This app is projected to be released on Friday, March 3, 2017.

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