Leaving Those Long Chiptole Lines Behind With “Smarter Pickup Times”!!


Tired of waiting on ridiculous long lines while in a rush especially during a lunch break, well technology has scored again with another app that will have Chipotle lovers enthused. Chipotle Mexican Grill has acquired a new system where customers can reserve future pick up times for their orders. This will significantly reduce wait time and will provide more time for one to enjoy their burrito. “Smarter Pickup Times” technology provide estimate wait times for pick up orders so customers can come in and out fluently instead of waiting in those lines that most of the time loop around the corner. This will significantly be a beneficial move for the company especially after the major losses they have taken in the past with e.coli scares. More and more businesses are looking to make their services in favor of their customer and adding technological options are certainly making things better.

Web ordering and the company phone ordering apps have definitely changed the game as more companies like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks allow their customers to order through their app and pick up without waiting. A lot of companies should get on this wave, but for now enjoy those that are courteous of wait times.

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