Book with Pawfait Pet Grooming Studio Today,  Where All Pets Are Welcomed!!!

“Your pets’ visit to Pawfait is no average Baskin Robins trip!”


Looking for professional luxury pet services in Brooklyn or Queens area, check out @pawfait where your pets are always in for a treat!  This grooming studio specializes in therapeutic baths targeted to your pets specific skin/coat needs and provides fabulous cuts. Soothing baths offering a dash of sweetness is what makes this studio such a delight.  With over 15 aromatic yummy scents to choose from like Pina Colada, Sugar Cookie, and Marshmallow; your cuddly pet will remind you of your favorite goodies. Fragrance-free baths are available as well or to kick it up a notch check out their more mature fragrance “Pawfait Magnifiscent”


If there’s a specific look or cut you want, feel free to tell the groomer. Its services specify as cut by breed or blade length. Paw-fect grooming is available weekends 7am – 6pm! Email to make appointments or book online.

Detailed descriptions of services are listed at!

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