The New Edition Story Was A Big Success This Past Week!

For 3-days straight, almost everyone in the world was sitting at home watching for each part of The New Edition Story on BET Networks. From my personal experience, this was one film that I couldn’t resist to shut everything down for 2 hours each day! Well except for one night and it drove me crazy that I didn’t catch it that night.

Watching this film, it taught me so much about knowing your business and I learned what happened to each member of New Edition. Growing up in that time, all you really heard about was Bobby Brown in the news but not too much of what was happening with the others. I even learned that Mike Bivens was the one who founded one of my favorite male R&B groups, Boys II Men. What I love even more about the film is that they re-acted real moments that happened! I happened to stumble upon some of the real footage that was shown in the film. With seeing the real version and the film version I commend the actors who played each role. They did an amazing job!

However, not only did this past week The New Edition Story was released, they all released some new music.

BBD (Ricky Bell, Mike Bivens, and Ronnie Devoe) released their new album Three Stripes which is available everywhere but you can find it here.  Watch their new music video I’m Betta:

Johnny Gill Ft. New Edition released a single “This One’s For Me and You”, which is available here.


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