Get Live Relationship Advice Every Sunday with Lisa Evers & The New Girls!


You’ve probably heard of the hit show “Street Soldiers” with Lisa Evers as a host on Fox 5 News & Hot 97 where she discusses important issues and shares ideas with the community relating to current events. She’s a voice that connects people from all walks of life together by their experiences and hot topics. She’s a well known legend in these streets and with years of knowledge and understanding, she’s taking an additional role in her career as a “Love Soldier”.


Every Sunday at 6:30pm, @lisaevers with the news girls go on Facebook Live for an episode of “Love Soldiers”. They provide useful, rational advice about the one topic people can’t seem to get enough of “LOVE”. Friends with benefits, marriage, heart break and everything in between is discussed from various points of views. As the shifts change every week, the news girls will interchange but Lisa Evers will be your main source of counsel. This interactive exchange between Lisa and her viewers will have you tuning in every Sunday for your weekly dosage. As a viewer, you’re able to comment and leave questions that will be answered throughout the show. This is a great show to add to your roster on Sunday evenings!

Go on Facebook, type in “Lisa Evers”, like her page and every Sunday at 6:30pm you’ll get your advice for the week. Enjoy!



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