The American Black Film Festival TV Personality Workshop & Competition

The American Black Film Festival is dedicated to supporting the cinematic work of Black filmmakers.  Each year they have various competitions and applications in order to showcase Blacks in film.  This year they turned their television host and correspondents workshops into a competition. 

NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment in partnership with the American Black Film Festival will produce its 3rd Annual Hosting Workshop to cultivate & discover exceptional host talent. Taught by premiere host instructor, Marki Costello, this three day workshop is targeted for intermediate and advanced level hosts who want to sharpen their hosting skills and techniques! The workshop will also focus on the Social Digital Interaction of Media.
The workshop focuses on brand reinvention, on-camera performance, and copy writing and editing.  Participants will also strengthen co-hosting, TelePrompTer and auditioning skills while learning valueable tips for your career. 

Be strong and stand out because, select participants will be chosen to conduct media and celebrity interviews during the ABFF 207 in Miami, Florida. 

For more on the workshop and competition, click here

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