Enjoy The Taste Of Freedom At Merica NYC!!!

Have you ever wanted a T-RUMP MEXI-CAN BURGER or a HILLARY BURGER-A  100 CALORIE LIE?!


Sounds bizarre right!!!

Well if you go to the Lower East Side, Merica NYC is now open!!!

A new restaurant opened October 15th in the East Village celebrating everything American. It’s freedom themed establishment covered in red, white, and blue with a patriotic feel pays tribute to iconic moments that happened over the last 50 years. The memorabilia all over the walls will take you on a journey through American history. With a controversial election going on right now, this is a great place to take a visit. It’s riveting menu filled with great homemade American classic food adds to the essence of it all. There’s something on the menu for everyone to enjoy. It’s just as diverse as our land. This is an experience you won’t want to miss. They host trivia and debate nights ranging from all topics: politics, sports, music and more. This All-American eatery will have you loving everything about America the beautiful.


God Bless the USA and make those reservations so you can relish the MOST American bar & restaurant in the world!!!


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