Mastermind behind the styles & designs of!

Meet the mastermind behind the trendy fashionable suede caps that are in high demand this season!  Young entrepreneur ,Alix Vernet, has taken his talents from distressing/customizing denim jeans and jackets to captivating the masses with his collection of caps. Rather than customizing graphic t-shirts and hoodies, he wanted to supply his consumers with an item that can be worn with many different styles daily. His inspiration for fashion was to create clothing that pushed people to be more expressive of themselves.

His experiences in the Fashion industry working with various brands and businesses for the past 5 years has significantly enhanced his growth as an overall investor & designer. Going through the motions of managing and creating has certainly reassured him of his artistic capabilities and motivated him to work on his own brand.  This is just the beginning for Alix as his brand grows supplying us with exclusive items that we can add to our wardrobe every day.


“In today’s day & age, it’s easy to see some people just follow the crowd rather then being honest with what they like. There’s always going to be sheep but I feel like we need more shepherds.” 

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