Corey Feldman Encourages To Express Yourself As An Artist!

With all the hype behind Corey Feldman’s most recent performance on the Today Show, which featured Doc Ice from the legendary group Whodini, he is only proving that as an artist it’s okay to express yourself. To some it may seem weird but to others it may seem as genius. He is the first to create a new sound that has a combination of pop, punk rock and hip-hop. With his performance you can see dance moves that are influenced from various entertainers. You can see moves from actor Bob Fosse to the popular hip-hop dance The Nae-Nae and to him just rocking out.

We spoke to Doc Ice, who has been working with Corey Feldman, about his experience with Corey performing on the Today Show he said,

“For me, it was really a great experience. It was something new I haven’t done in a while. That type of media exposure I haven’t had in years since my hit Roxanne Roxanne back in the mid 80’s and at Hip Hop Honors. For me it was a blessing to be a part of it. We had fun together and our energy connect.”

Doc Ice is featured on Corey Feldman’s single “Everybody”, which hit number 13 on Cashbox and Record World. It’s available on iTunes here. And, you can listen to Doc Ice’s new single “Hunnids” here.


Although, Corey Feldmen and Doc Ice had a great time performing, Corey received a lot of backlash and even social media bullying for his performance. When I asked Doc Ice what is his perspective on what occurred he said,

“It’s amazing to hear people put anything negative on an artist. And, I say that because we’re artists. We’re willing to try something to show people we are willing to try something different as opposed to the norm.”



Miley Cyrus shared some words to Corey via twitter,


Corey Feldman is brilliant for creating something new and refreshing that is relatable and catchy with his lyrics. This new sound is a success for him because the single “Go 4 It” featuring Snoop Dog is climbing up the Billboard charts. His lyrics are encouraging and relatable to those who have been continuously knocked down in life or  even bullied but needs a reminder to go for it and not to give up! And with the beat, it will pump you up to get your day going or get you through it with how much energy it gives off. And, with his angels by his side it only shows that he knows when there is darkness there is always light!

So, is Corey Feldman weird? I think not! He’s a genius and inspiring for starting something new and encouraging positivity!


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