Are Artists Being Too Creative For Their Albums?

Creativity in the development of albums has evolved greatly as artists include skits and story lines in their work. Beyonce’s Lemonade was a hit as she brought her fans through a journey song by song allowing us to see her perception with a visual album. Drake  incorporated skits in some of his songs in Views enhancing it’s overall production. Tory Lanez album ,I Told You, had a whole story line taking you through different situations portrayed in his music. Artists are coming up with inventive ways to make them different and stand out but is it too much?

In Views, the subtle use of story lines and skits added to the essence that Drake desired. In addition to a hit track, he included different aspects that would take the song to the next level. In “Too Good”, he incorporated ethnic references that made the song significant until the very end. In the beginning of the song “Views”, he sampled a song from The Winans introducing his track in faithfulness. He is known for using phone conversations  providing that extra element that gets a listener excited for the beat to drop like the dialing in at the beginning of “U With Me”. Also taking it back to his song Marvin’s Room from Take Care,  many enjoyed that relatable phone conversation.

In Tory Lanez album I Told You, he had a skit before every track making it seem like you’re listening to a movie. You heard different plot points as he’s taking you through the whole album. Each skit served as an introductory segment to what each track was about. Some songs, he was out with his boys while others he was checking back in with his girlfriend taking one through the motions.  As a listener, you got a better understanding of his project.  Some thought it was brilliant and innovative while others felt it was annoying and dragging the whole album. There were mixed reviews on his project. A major concern was listening to the album on shuffle, listening to the skits and songs out of order didn’t make sense. Listeners felt like the skits took away from the songs and used as a album filler.

But with Lemonade, there can be NO wrong when it comes to Queen B!

She exceptionally released a visual album that had everyone in awe. Even those who aren’t apart of the beehive (like me) were intrigued by her production. From beginning to end, she took us on an emotional rollercoaster that left us wanting more. Creating videos with scenarios that perfectly executed every song. Everyone loved that although she had visuals, she still gave us 12 full songs that we all remember. We all got in “Formation” and watched her masterpiece unveil.

As listeners, do we prefer visuals, story lines and skits, or just plain music filled albums? Let us know your thoughts on how you like your music!

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