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Have a taste for rum but really in the mood for tequila?  Enjoy premium tequila rum spirit brand, Bleu Royal, here to capture the hearts and taste buds of spirit lovers around the world. This award-winning spirit is perfectly blended with fine rum and blue agave nectar, resulting in a distinctly smooth, luxurious experience with superior taste. With an enticing aroma and ultra smooth finish, this spirit is made through an all natural, patented process that refines the liquor by removing all the impurities. In a highly competitive spirits market, Bleu Royal has become a hit flying off the shelves at liquor stores leaving consumers yearning for more.The entrepreneurial minds behind this tasty phenomenon are Sloteur Joseph and Kenneth Cook. Their goal was to develop a new category in which a new conversation could be born within the community of spirit consumers.

The birth of this new intoxicating liquor in it’s one of a kind blue diamond casing offers a special reserve blend setting standards high.  This New York based and African American owned company created a liquor that has become the talk of the town. Bleu Royal can be purchased in selective stores and online. Visit bleuroyalspirits.com for any inquires regarding purchases or product location. The website also offers unique twists on cocktails providing recipes for drinks such as Bleu Colada and Bleu Long Island Iced Tea. You can also visit their Instagram @bleuroyal and Facebook Bleu Royal Spirits to learn more about this innovative beverage. During your next event, start #ANewConversation with a Bleu drink!!

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