@Ms_Parker_ Presents :Benny & Chris” Film Trailer

Shanice Parker, CEO of Billz Productions, released a sample of her latest project, Benny & Chris. We spoke with Ms. Parker about what inspired the project and her experience in the film industry.

What is the Benny & Chris film about?

Benny & Chris is a crime drama short film about a young female who follows the path of her drug dealer father only to face some the same obstacles he faced before he was killed. The only difference between her and her father is that she has a partner in crime.  

What inspired you to create this film?

Benny and Chris was inspired by my experience entering the production field as well as the documentary Cocaine Cowboys, and the Bonnie and Clyde story. After watching Cocaine Cowboys I was infatuated with the story of Griselda Blanco and how she as a woman dominated the drug game which is notably a male dominated hustle. It reminded me of myself entering the production field considering that production is a male dominated field as well. 

I thought about the challenges she may had faced seeing first hand how my credibility was questioned at times due to my sex. I felt it was important to me to highlight some of those challenges on screen. Bonnie and Clyde influenced the relationship aspect of the film. The twist is the female is considered as the bad influence and the guy is the good influence. Instead of the typical “good girl” “bad guy, this film has the “good guy” “bad girl” plot. 

What can we expect from the full film?

A number of surprises! I want my audience to see my creative ability to not only compose a story but also display each image I filmed in an unique way. If you enjoyed the trailer then you’re going to really enjoy the movie I guarantee it!

Just make sure to tell a friend to tell a friend to watch Benny & Chris I guarantee they’re going to love it!

Check out the trailer for Benny & Chris below and stay tuned for the premiere of the short film coming soon.


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