What You Can Learn From Usher!

First, I’d like to proclaim that I am an Usher fan! I always have been from his first debut album self-titled “Usher” in 1994. However, with over a decade in this music industry, Usher has been able to produce hits after hits and keeps himself relevant with the times. He doesn’t limit himself in his music and as an entertainer. Aside from being a singer, he’s a dancer, actor, model, songwriter, and more! The one thing that Usher has been consistent in is entertaining his fans in every aspect.

With the release of his new music video “No Limits” on Monday, August 8th, that everyone has been going crazy over, you can see how he continues to be relevant. Either he’s doing features on other artists songs such as Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Wale, etc or he has the new hottest artists featured on his songs such as Young Thug. In this new music video, he features young men in his video which to me I believe he wants to send a positive message to these young men that there are no limits. This is the first time I’ve seen Usher with all males in his music video because normally he has a leading lady or two or majority female dancers!

For all the artists that are pursuing their dreams, don’t limit yourself to one career or one genre of music! Explore other options! You never know if you might like it and it will be more checks in your pocket!

But for now, take a look at Usher’s new music video “No Limits” featuring Young Thug:


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