New Partnership Between Yahoo and Hulu To Create New Online TV Platform “Yahoo View”!

With 6 months in the making, Yahoo and Hulu launch a new online TV platform  called “Yahoo View”. On this platform, viewers will have the opportunity to watch the latest 5 episodes of their favorite television shows for free, eight days after they have been broadcasted from networks such as NBC, ABC, and FOX. You can also see new movies. Why this change? Hulu is making this change in efforts to push their subscription services, which they have been planning prior to the new Yahoo partnership.

Yahoo View will be a part of Yahoo’s blogging portal on Tumblr. You can watch the tv shows and movies straight from Tumblr. They also have an option for you to view it in PIP (Picture In Picture) so you can scroll through Tumblr while watching your shows. This option will be called “Beyond The Episode”. However, please note there will be ads included in the Hulu content.

Yahoo View is available on the desktop computer and will be available for mobile use in the near future.

Also, in a few weeks Hulu’s free service will be discontinued. Try to catch up on your free shows and movies now!!

But check out, Yahoo View now!

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