New Sea-Filled Fun @SeabreezeFood Is Open Until 5am In Brooklyn!!

Have you ever had salmon and shrimp loaded fries or a salmon eggroll? And when you add Sea Breeze’s signature spicy tartar sauce, it definitely creates a party in your mouth!!

Wow, totally yummy right?!!

 Seabreeze Food in Brooklyn, NY caters to all your seafood cravings. With their delicious combos and excellent prices, you can’t pass on this mouth watering adventure. This is a place that caters to seafood lovers with it’s sea-filled menu offering meals to die for. Their exceptional homemade seasonings and sauces are what makes them stand out the most.  The flavors in every bite has customers coming back for more. Some of their top sellers from their unique menu are the salmon burger, breeze bites, and breeze loaded fries. Their chunky hot sauce and spicy tartar sauce definitely adds that extra burst of flavor. No worries, if you have any allergies, they offer substitutions so everyone’s in on the greatness.


Its hours allows one to never miss out since they close at 5am Wednesdays through Sundays and 12am Mondays and Tuesdays. So having a late night craving and looking for a quick fix, heading home after a long day of work or late night out, you can definitely count on Seabreeze Food. Opening at 11am, sets the start for many lunch dates and more. Their variety of options between grilled, steamed, and fried seafood allows a customer to get more bang for their buck. So no need to look any further, this Brooklyn location has foodies excited.

Check out Seabreeze Food located on 1562 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, NY you won’t be disappointed!


IMG_3685 (1)IMG_3293

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