Host/Actress/Fitness Guru @LizIntnlDiva Is A Force To Be Reckoned With! Find Out Why!

Written By Contributor Arielle Ryan

Liz the International Diva is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. She is an actress, inspirational speaker, fitness guru and an all around social media maven. Not to mention, she is a seasoned host and will happily be the woman in charge of working the crowd on the evening of Tha L. Spot’s NYFW Fashion Experience this September.

Some may be familiar with her as the social media personality ‘Mama Sade.’ Through Instagram video clips, she depicts comedic and yet very real life scenarios of those who were brought up in African households like herself. Due to the success of her steady social media presence, it has since helped launch her acting career. Not only is she busy working on web-series projects but on the sets of movies as well. When she is not in character, she is constantly booked to speak at engagements and asked to lead discussions with young women looking to follow their dreams.

Liz The Intnl Diva As Mama Sade

Liz The Intnl Diva As Mama Sade

Liz has branded herself into the true definition of a diva and has named herself as such rightfully. Beyonce said it best – “diva is a female version of a hustler.” Her strengths include mastering unfamiliar dialects and accents, and when encompassing everything, this Nigerian warrior is only destined to achieve things much greater in caliber.

You can catch Liz and maybe even ‘Mama Sade’ at our fashion event in NYC on September 11th. To see Liz live in action, you can purchase your tickets here:

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