Marie’s Pantry Cookbook Gives You Recipes On How To Make Different Dishes From Different Cultures

Mother, author and cook, Marie L. Fortune has a new cookbook that is filled with recipes of all types of dishes from different cultures. She has recipes on Haitian, Italian, and American cuisines. In her cookbook, she breaks her recipes into categories such as appetizers, soups, brunch, salads, and main entrees. She was inspired to create this cook book when she realized that everyone wanted to know how they can get a hold of these dishes she would make for her family, co-workers, and more. However, before she got to this point of creating a cook book and even having a passion for cooking, Marie went through a journey to get where she is today!

Born and raised in Haiti, at a young age, Marie L. Fortune came to the United States with only $79 to her name with no job, education or sense of responsibility.  From a previous marriage, Marie had her first daughter, who she left in Haiti, so she can figure out how to make a living in the U.S. All she wanted for her children was to have a better opportunities than she did growing up. Marie worked multiple jobs and cared for her children 24/7. She felt unlucky in her love life so she made sure she concentrated on her family. During her 22 years of working with mentally disabled patients, she realized how fortunate she was to have a healthy family. While working with the mentally disabled patients, she made sure they all had good well-presented meals. And, they all loved and looked forward to her cooking. This is what sparked her passion for cooking.

With a long career at one of her jobs, she had lost her job. However, she did not let this stop her! She knew that God had something in store for her and she prayed for him to show her her purpose and how to make people happy while making a difference in their lives. And this when she realized cooking was it! She has cooked meals for those in Haiti which has led to her non-profit “Marie’s Food Pantry”, that is based in Haiti. To bring things together, a portion of the proceeds from the book goes to her non-profit. She’s all about giving back and helping others.


Take a look at some of her dishes:

With the release of her cookbook “Marie’s Pantry”, it has been very successful. People are raving over her cookbook and loving the recipes inside of it. You can purchase her cookbook on her website:


Go like Marie L. Fortune’s facebook page:

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