Is Our “Full Potential” Limited? Watch @Ohenecornelius Express His Thoughts In New Music Video

In this present time of social turmoil and community action, many people turn to various ways of expressing their feelings towards what’s happening in society.  From protests and boycotts, to social media challenges, and even art. Expressing yourself during this time is crucial in bringing awareness and teamwork towards social issues.

Artist and actor, Ohene Cornelius, was inspired by the current state of our country to express his views on the plight of the black community and the times we are living in.  By juxtaposing the stories of black culture that are told and untold, he exposes history, art and the potential of our community. He emphasizes the strength of black culture and how we have the power to do great things.

Throughout history, the advancement of colored people has been interrupted and pestered.  Cornelius questions if these things were done on purpose in fear of our community reaching it’s full potential and achieving outstanding accomplishments.

Cornelius challenges his audience to strive for the highest heights despite the tribulations and the stifles.  It is through those adversities that we will see the greatest rewards.

Take a look at the video below and let us know how you tap into your “Full Potential.



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