Hope To Get Better Finances With @YOPETODAY!!


 YOPE giving HOPE to young people!

A common complaint amongst young adults are finances. In college, they spend irresponsibly, open an abundance of credit cards to spend frivolously and pile on lots of debt from loans without realizing the short and long term repercussions. Feeling lost in the real world with financial distress, it’s hard for them to keep a well balanced budget but YOPE is here to save your pockets.

YOPE is a newly founded business by Jovan Collins that offers financial workshops for those suffering from financial stability. Millennials (18-35) would be working with certified financial advisers with prestigious backgrounds on how to improve their finances. 90 minute long workshops pertaining to their financial knowledge is provided . The workshops vary and cover different aspects like budgeting, spending, student loans, credit cards, investing, and debt. YOPE, even offers workshops on asset allocation and starting a business.

A workshop like this is beneficial for any young adults future especially when in search of good credit. Being out of debt and financially stable is important as an adult giving more opportunities. Buying a car, a house and business ventures are more attainable and the process would be easier. YOPE helps millennials get on track and learn the ins and out of fiscal responsibilities.

So let’s get in financial focus for a wealthier future with YOPE!


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Here’s an introduction on what to expect from your“YOPE” experience:

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