“Gotta Catch Em All” But Not Literally…Pokemon Go: The Hot New Craze!

Pokemon Go is the new mobile game that has everyone literally on the “go”. Every now and again, there’s always a new popular game and this seems to be the most downloaded game this weekend. It has become such a hit, especially with 90’s babies because it was a popular show on television during their time. This gaming platform, made for iOs and android users, has many traveling between the virtual and reality world using real life locations as poke stops. If you see people walking the streets with their phone in hand and looking very focused, they are most likely out searching for Pokemon. The more creatures you get you will be eligible for teams, battles and more.

With this game being the new craze, it has definitely had an influence on many aspects unrelated to its purpose. Pokemon Go has made driving even more dangerous. There has been incidents where people have stopped in the middle of the road or highway to catch Pokemon causing traffic and accidents. If driving too fast, you will miss out on Pokemon. If driving too slow, there will be incidents on the road. There has been reports of accidents while playing this game due to the fact that people were so engaged in the virtual world, but actually causing chaos in reality.



In another case, suspects used Pokemon Go to target their victims for a string of armed robberies. They were using the app to locate people in certain areas that were fitting for the crime they wanted to commit.  Their targeted victims were in locations popularly known as “poke stops.” You can add a beacon to a poke stop to lure more people to one location. With this method, suspects were able to fully accomplish their goal in committing robbery. It’s always fun and games until someone takes it too far.


Although Pokemon Go is a fun game forcing players to come out during these summer months, people need to take precaution with their surroundings. Even when focused on the game, pay attention to others. Take a break while driving and be mindful of poke stops in certain locations. These bumps along the road aren’t going to lessen the hype for this game, but “catching em all” definitely needs to be taken a bit less seriously.

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1 Comment on “Gotta Catch Em All” But Not Literally…Pokemon Go: The Hot New Craze!

  1. sad to admit that I fell into the hype.

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