#MUSIC Who’s Timmy Turner & Will This Be The Next Hit Single For Desiigner?

Popularly known for his hit song Panda, Brooklyn rapper, Desiigner may have another hit on the way. While his dreams are unfolding with a top billboard hit, featured on “Life of Pablo” and being signed to G.O.O.D Music, we should expect greatness. Hitting the Summer Jam stage, performing at the BET Awards and participating in XXL’s Freshman Freestyle it’s safe to say this has been an amazing year for Desiigner but will he continue to bring the heat or could he fall into the “one hit wonder” category?

During his XXL freshmen freestyle, he gave us a sample of another possible hit song “Timmy Turner”. His freestyle went viral within seconds. With its catchy lyrics, “Timmy Timmy Timmy Turner; He be wishin’ for a burner”, many are inquiring if this could be another club banger for Desiigner or will it be a flop. There’s been mixed thoughts since the release of this freestyle and the Future comparisons have definitely ceased.

Trying to decipher the meaning to his freestyle, the character Timmy Turner from the show “The Fairly Odd Parents” rings a bell.   Is he relating the two trying to catch the attention of the younger demographic or is there symbolism in the meaning of the character to his lyrics? These are questions that many want answered. Being that “Timmy Turner” are the main words that listeners can actually understand in this sample, they are looking on different sites trying to find out what he’s actually talking about and where can they find the whole song.

After listening to his XXL’s freshmen freestyle, there’s great anticipation to the sound that will be revealed on his future projects. Kanye West usually has an amazing ear for hit artists so let’s see if Desiigner will live up to his potential.

His mixtape New English has been released and his first album “Life of Desiigner” will be making its debut soon.

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