Cast Of Empire Talks About How Their Lives Changed Since And Hints About Season 3

On Saturday, July 2nd, I attended a talk with the cast of Empire in the hopes of hearing about its upcoming season, and luckily for Tha L. Spot, we got that and more!

Rapper and actor Yazz a.k.a Bryshere Gray who plays the character of “Hakeem Lyon,” opened up with a performance of fan favorite songs: “You’re So Beautiful,” and “Drip Drop”. Girls went wild for this young star while the stage crew prepared to set up for the panel chat. Shortly after, Serayah McNeill, Ta’Rhonda Jones, and filmmaker/director of Empire – Lee Daniels joined Yazz on stage.

The cast reminisced and disclosed the details of their lifestyle before Empire, and how they knew its success had forever changed their lives. Serayah proclaims that she was in California with her mom headed to Popeyes chicken one day when a couple of girls yelled her character name “Tiana” aloud. She was shocked and excited in the same breath.

Lee Daniels assured us that someone will die by the end of season 3, that ‘someone has to go.’ Yazz made a joke about hoping that it isn’t him. Lee also explained to us that this season he plans to use Empire’s platform to open up about issues that effect the United States of America: politics, police brutality, etc.

Empire is set to premiere in September on Fox network! Prepare yourselves to re-enter into the Lyons den.

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