Recap: @Arielleryan interviews Co-Founder of Charleston Gourmet Burger Co. (@CGB_Company) at #Essencefest Convention

I had the pleasure of chatting with the founders of this fairly new food service company that specializes in seasoning and marinade products for grilling – Charleston Gourmet Burger Company. Yes! You read it right. They have the right tools you need to make the perfect burger. With it being cook-out season, all you at-home grillers will be interested in hearing about this new business.

Charleston Gourmet Burger

Monique and Chevalo Wilsondebriano moved to Charleston, SC in 2008 where they were looking for a fresh start. With their love for the grill, they would make burgers at cookouts they had hosted creating homemade marinades and season combinations to add that special kick, until one day it stuck and guests loved it. Monique and Chevalo sold their special burgers out of their car to make a living until Chevalo thought it befitting to bottle up the act and take it on the road.

As opposed to their market competitors, Charleston Gourmet Burger CO., products are all natural, gluten-free, low sodium, low calorie, no high-fructose corn syrup and without MSG.

Charleston Gourmet Burger1

After much rejection and skepticism from friends and financial confidants – Charleston Gourmet Burger CO. is distributed in the following retailers nationwide: Costco and Walmart. They have appeared on a number of shows aired on the Food Network, the Today Show, and a few local outlets in Charleston.

In addition to retail distribution, the company sells online and encourage all those burger lovers to think about switching up their go-to marinade brand and check them out!

View their commercial here:

If you would like to know more about the company head over to their website.

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