RECAP: ABFF Encore at BET EXPERIENCE – @Tashasmith4real Acting Workshop

In honor of BET Weekend 2016, the American Black Film Festival  hosted a number of events celebrating the culture of art and black films. I was accompanied by one of our other correspondent’s Waldo, while we attended an acting workshop instructed by actress Tasha Smith. You might recognize her as “Angela” on Tyler Perry‘s Why Did I Get Married I & II or “Carol,” struggling drug addict sister of Cookie Lyon played by Taraji P. Henson on Fox‘s hit series Empire.

Tashasmith 2.jpg

Tasha showed up to the workshop ready to work! She worked the room, speaking to everyone in the room as if we were friends for years. She discussed with us her background before acting, and how she struggled living out of her car on Venice beach before seeing steady income as an entertainer. Smith was very open about her past relationships to show us how she was able to use those experiences and situations as a way to better her vision and in turn her career.


Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? (2007)





Fox Network: Empire (2016)





Tasha went through 12 steps of becoming an actor which was inspired by her teaching of the Chubbuck Technique. She encourages actors of all levels to treat The Power of the Actor written by Ivana Chubbuck as the actors b.i.b.l.e. (basic instruction before leaving earth).

Tasha opened the floor to a Q&A, offering insightful advice for all those with inhibitions about the craft. She concluded the workshop with hands on exercises that could be used in preparing for an audition, and scene work with a partner. Exercises were given names like: “emotional dump” and “how do i feel?”

As a person who actually took the workshop, I must say the results were amazing. If you want to know more about the Chubbuck technique or how to take instruction from Tasha Smith herself, check out her website.

When asked whether or not you should follow your dreams, Tasha’s final words are to “…dream Big. If you want something bad enough you have to invest in yourself. Self motivate.

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