Rapper Young Truth Hosts His First Concert At West End Lounge!

Rapper Young Truth hosted his first concert on Saturday, June 25th, at The West End Lounge in Manhattan. Hosted by model Monica Chanel. Full of energy rapper Drego El Fuego opened up for Young Truth performing his latest music that had everyone bouncing including the media. After his performance, Young Truth performed a full set of his music that was captivating. He either made you dance or think or feel what he was saying. However, before his performance we were able to catch up with Young Truth and get to know him a little bit more. Originally, we did an on-camera interview but due to technical difficulties we are unable to show you the interview. But we can tell you all about it!

Young Truth created Ground Work Concert because he wanted to give an intimate setting for his fans and media to get to know him. This concert is the start of many more to come. He plans on doing this consistently and build it up to where he’ll be performing at bigger venues. So everyone look out for his upcoming concerts.

During our interview, we asked Young Truth to tell us a fun fact about him and he said “I’m afraid of elevators.” Yup, elevators! He doesn’t like being in them. He said he’s claustrophobic and fear that he would get stuck in an elevator. But after his explanation, it’s understandable of why he’s afraid. We would be afraid too if we got stuck in an elevator.

Watch below to see what to expect from Young Truth’s Ground Work Concert series:


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