Are Celebrities Considered Human?

I ask whether or not we as consumers and fans consider celebrities human, because we criticize them so harshly when they do things non-famous people do everyday. For the first episode of Tha L. Spot Show, we lightly touched on celebrities actions, and how they are treated in regards to bankruptcy, but it was generally discussed that they are human too, just with some notoriety and a little bit more money.

For example, Scream Queen star we know as “Zayday,” Keke Palmer, took to twitter a few hours ago to defend herself against the social media trolls who have been hounding her about her looks, sexual orientation, and the ways she has decided to express Lauren (that’s her real first name).

She posted this on her Instagram page:


kekepalmerI hate that everyone feels like this is a big deal. I didn’t even want to make a post for it but I keep seeing people saying “Leave Keke alone” or “Why are you being mean to Keke” lol. I don’t want any of my supporters to get the wrong idea about who I am. Keke is fine because Keke knows who she is. Keke doesn’t care to conform to what people thinks she should be.#IDontBelongToYou– And Keke knows that love is the only real thing out there, everything else is delusion. When I see people being mean, I know it’s them and not me. I focus on who loves me, not who hates me duh that’s why I’m so happy all the time, I choose it. Hahahahaha! know I’m different, I been different all my life I have never been a follower. The truth is, anytime you’re being you and not following the status “quo”, you will be ridiculed. I say this to me and anyone watching the nasty things that are being said to me. From the acne scars on my skin, to the unwanted nude color on my toes hahaha. I can only be me and if it’s not enough for anyone else that’s alright with me! I can take any of the sticks and the stones thrown at me because I know the freedom of one loving thyself. I know the freedom of loving who you are every minute of the day and that’s what it’s about! It’s about YOU being into you, never about THEM 😍. So don’t feel bad for me, I’m not a fucking victim or a hero. I’m just a regular girl with a cool job. But I’m just a girl nonetheless, now let’s stop acting like everything celebrities do is profound lol. Cause real talk, y’all know me taking off my makeup is not news.#StopBeingDramatic #JustBeingHonest 

Social media pages were created for everyone to be able to stay connected with their loved ones and peers, possible exposure and as a form of entertainment, but in situations like this, it is borderline cyberbullying, but kudos to Keke for standing her ground and putting the haters in their place. She has already gotten over 20k likes and comments flooding her post with many supporters in her corner.

If you experience any issues similar to this and are looking for help, contact the site’s administrators and in extreme cases, your local police department.

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