DAZE 5-Day Spring Break Music Summit Kicks Off Strong for 2016!

There’s a new music summit called “DAZE” that will be the new medium for independent artists created by Scott Morris, who is known for the most popular college tour called “The Deans List Tour”. The summit is in partnership with the Future Project which they are raising funds to send a high school student to college. On Wednesday, April 28th, was the kick off of the summit at Meridian 23. The show was hosted by Jameer of WBLS/Hot 97 and Robin J of The Take Ovah.   There were live performances by Regime which consists of Army, Wong TuNe$, Angie and Trizzy. Then, the creator of the summit Scott Morris made a special performance and performed some of his latest music and brought on stage other artists such as Zeyi, B Morgan, Frank Knight and many others. Here is a recap of the event: http://bit.ly/1SVaufe

Day 2 of the Daze 5 Day Spring Break Music Summit was their Music Showcase that was held at Santos Party House. Here is a recap of the photos from the event: http://bit.ly/1W2wng5

Day 3 of the Daze 5 Day Spring Break Music Summit was the Entertainment Panel moderated by Ally Hazel of Allythejournalist.com. The panelists consisted of Hot 97’s Hip Hop Mike, host of BET Breaks’ Jamila Mustafa, CEO of Shaheim Says’ Shaheim Cynclair, Writer/Producer of Tyler Perry’s & BET’s  Tanya Hoffler, wardrobe stylist for Vibe Magazine’s Danny Stylez, Founder of Dorm Room TV’s Sharee Hereford, and Multi Artistry Ent’s founder Avery Watson. They all shared their stories that was uplifting and inspiring. The audience was able to ask a few questions and get some advice from the panelist. And later that night they had a party called “Traffic Jam Party”. Here is the recap of the party: http://bit.ly/1TqOiae

Day 4 of the Daze 5 Day Spring Break Music Summit was Paint and Poetry and Day 5 was a Day Party honoring CEO of DaMatrixStudios DWI.

We were able to catch up with the creator of The Daze 5-Day Spring Break Music Summit and the founder of The Deans List Tour Scott Morris and do a Q&A with us about the first year of his new music summit!

Tha L. Spot: How do you feel about the Daze 5-Day Spring Break Music Summit?

Scott Morris: DAZE was a hell of an experience. The fact that we were able to create something that can inspire people in so many ways shows that this was something that we needed in New York.

TLS: What were some of your worries or concerns about the event?

SM: Some of my worries were about the attendance. We were hosting events for 5 consistent days so being this was the first time we did something like this I was nervous about the outcome.

TLS: What was the estimated amount of those in attendance for all 5 days in total?

SM: We were at 950 for all events all together for DAZE.

TLS: What were your successes or favorite moments?

SM: My favorite moments had to be the planning, ticket drops, meeting new people, and the behind the scene work is always fun for me.

TLS: What can we expect next from the DAZE summit and Scott Morris?

SM: As for what to expect from DAZE summit, we are gearing up for DAZE in April 2017.

Follow @DazeSummit on instagram to stay updated on the next one. If you want to be a sponsor for the next one, email dazesummit@gmail.com.


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