@ArielleRyan Interviews Anti-Violence Crusader and Hip-Hop Junkie @EricaFordNYC at G-M.A.C.C. 1st Gangsta Gala

G-M.A.C.C. (Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes) first annual black tie fundraiser, Gangsta Gala, was held on March 20th, 2016 at The Coral House in Long Island, NY. The evening was filled with award celebrations and performances from spoken word artists. Arielle-Ryan interviewed one of the Honorees from that evening, anti-violence crusader and hip-hop junkie – Erica Ford.


We found out how her non-profit organization Life Camp, Inc. helps give grieving families of victims slain by gun activity, the courage to open up and share their stories with compassion as opposed to hatred. She speaks on her relationships with late rap legend Tupac Shakur, Salt-N-Pepper, and Russell Simmons. Erica even finds time to spit a few positive lyrics about ThaLSpot.

Listen to our full interview with Erica here:




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