Mass Mutual Partners With Fidi Living For Their Real Perspective Event In Celebration Of Women’s History Month In Wall Street!

This evening we have the opportunity to cover Mass Mutual’s Real Perspective event in partnership with Fidi Living in celebration of Women’s History Month in Wall Street. This event depicts how women makes an impact in society especially when they all come together to empower each other.

The keynote speakers for tonight will be from Believe Inspire Grow (B.I.G.) company founder/CEO Tara Gilvar and their leadership coach Jennifer Padawer. B.I.G exists to help women unlock their true potential and live the lives they were meant to live. They provide the inspiration, tools and community to help women every day become the best versions of themselves. They create safe environments and offer face-to-face support from a like-minded tribe of peers. Also, they believe that every woman has special gifts and talents, and that the power of a community of women working together is an unstoppable force in making the world a better place.  We are excited to hear from these two keynote speakers.

Guest speakers will be Regina Huber, CEO/Transformational Coach Speaker from Transform Your Performance and Jen Slaw, CEO/Speaker/Educator/Host, from Jen Slaw Speaks. Regina Huber’s mission is to help companies attract, create, and retain more female leaders. She believes as powerful leaders, women can make a bigger impact and generate more substantial results and higher profits for their companies and themselves. She has a system called The Powerful Presence Transformation which primarily focuses on empowering mindset, authentic uniqueness, a body-conscious presence, and action. This system allows her clients to step up to their next level and achieve their leadership goals and success beyond traditional ways. Jen Slaw found a way to combine both her degrees in engineering and art connecting both left and right brained learners as she shares her story of finding balance and transitioning from life as a structural engineer to entertainer, speaker and trainer, roles in which she felt she could have more impact, exercise more creativity, and be more connected to others.

The event will consist of a panelist from MassMutual who are Sayaka Ueda, Maria Vintimilla, Bettie Jarvis and Desiree’ Kinney. Guest vendors will be Sharon Levy the CEO & Founder of Taking Tea InStyle and Xiao Chen, Field Sales Coordinator of NuViza. And us, Tha L. Spot are the guest media covering the event!

MassMutual Real Perspectives

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