@TheGloriousPOT Introduces A New Sub-Genre of Hip-Hop “Hardcore Soul”

“Hardcore Soul” is a new sub-genre of Hip-Hop created by artist, The Glorious P.O.T. (Prince of Thieves). The definition of Hardcore Soul music is powerful, raw, smooth and melodic, sometimes all at once. This is a new sound that The Glorious P.O.T portrays in his music. However, prior to becoming a hip-hop artist, his first love was acting. He made a cameo appearance in a movie titled “Fresh” in 1994. He did voiceovers as the voice of Jabari on the song “Planet Brooklyn” with MeeWee entertainment for an album called “Hip-Hop For Kids”.

With The Glorious P.O.T’s diverse background, he is an artist that you know who has the determination to pursue their dreams. His ultimate goal is to be a songwriter and producer for other artists outside of himself, which will lead to his longevity in the music/entertainment industry.

Below is a dual music video of two songs The Glorious P.O.T has released called “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now/ Star Of The Story”:

You can listen to the songs separately here:

Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

Star Of The Story


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