On Saturday C-Ball Held Its Monthly Community Basketball Game @ The Bronx River Community Center

On Saturday, February 6th, Community Board Athletic Leadership League (short for C-Ball) held their monthly basketball tournament at The Bronx River Community Center. The event had music played by one of the pioneers of djing, DJ Tony Tone and the new school dj, Ejay The DJ, and they both kept everyone entertained and dancing. The commentators of the game were the legendary MC, LA Sunshine and Mic Larry, which they both had us laughing throughout the game.

Ejay-Tony Tone-LA Sunshine

DJ Tony Tone, Ejay The DJ, LA Sunshine

This monthly tournament is to gather the youth in the community of the Bronx together with community leaders and city agencies to interact with one another in a friendly game of basketball. Prior to the game, there was a pre-registered youth clinic for the kids to learn about their health.

This was an amazing event seeing the community participate together and have a friendly game of basketball with the traffic police officers.

C-Ball Basketball


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