@BrooklynSavvy: A Television Show For Women Who Wants To Be Savvy in Business

Recently, I was introduced to a television show called “Brooklyn Savvy” by one of the co-host Desiree Kinney. She told me so much great things about this show and the people behind it I had to do my own research. After watching four episodes of this show, I was impressed and inspired!

“Brooklyn Savvy” is a community produced television program aimed at strengthening community networks available to women. After watching four episodes of the show, I’ve learned about proper etiquette at business dinner meetings, how to use make-up to boost self-confidence but at the same time presenting yourself in an appealing way to others for meetings or presentations, learning how to be a leader, and being connected to the spiritual world. I’m pretty sure if I binged watched the show I would learn so much more.

The concept of the show is a panelist of women discussing several topics and issues that women or even people in general may deal with on a daily basis. The show is led by host Toni Williams with at least 5 other women (her co-hosts) on the panel and a guest panelist (experienced in the topic being discussed) and they have a conversation of the topic and creating different scenarios that the viewer may be thinking of. I love this set-up because you feel more engaged into the discussion and it feels like you are actually in the room with them.

For any woman, who feels they need some guidance or advice, no matter what career level you are in, I believe you can learn so much from this show. To watch “Brooklyn Savvy”, it airs every Sunday at 10 a.m. and Thursdays at 3p.m. on NYClife Network or you can binge watch like me on their site http://brooklynsavvy.tv/.



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