Author and Spoken Word Artist, @Alyeaspeaks, wins TEDxOxford Student Speaker Competition

Alyea Pierce is a published author, born and raised in New Jersey. She graduated from Rutgers, The State University of NJ in New Brunswick with a degree in English and Communications. While on campus, Pierce was involved in many communities similar to the NAACP Act-So program, and the “DFree” series debt program.

Her book, Every Stranger Deserves a Poem, is compiled of original short stories and poetry detailing her life experiences. She also released an audio book of her original work, entitled, A Strangers Voice Ep.

After having performed at different universities, such as Columbia and Kean, she expanded to venues including the Apollo Theater. Most recently, Alyea has been involved in independently organized TED events and won the TEDxOxford Student Speaker Competition. She has been granted the opportunity to travel to Europe in February, to share her talents with many people of intellectual caliber.

Alyea Pierce has gone international! She embodies power, and looks to inspire generations by showing them that they “can achieve action through voice and change their world through the written word.”

Check out some of Alyea’s previous work to get an idea of what to expect from her next month:


Follow her on social media:

Instagram: @Alyeaspeaks

Twitter: @Alyeaspeaks


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