@DJfamebk has the mind of a mogul on the rise

I have had the pleasure to meet The Untouchable DJ F.A.M.E twice, in between 2014-2015, and boy does he stay insanely busy. He is an international DJ and radio personality based in Brooklyn, NY, who has been building his career for a little over a decade.

Our first encounter was on a Royal Caribbean cruise I vacationed on. He was employed to serenade us with his skills for most of the social events throughout the day. I have never met someone so dedicated to ensuring that everyone enjoyed his work. The music was very diverse, mixes were up-to-date, and transitions were smooth.

The second time I met him, is a little embarrassing. One night, I knew that I would be in NYC and I had a plan to find a place to eat good food and hear great music. I wanted to ensure my friends and myself that we would have a great time so I found DJ F.A.M.E on Instagram and saw him booked to spin at this restaurant in Brooklyn called Rocco’s Tacos. At that point, it seemed like a no brainer. I arrived to the place, went to the DJ booth and it was an instant reunion.


In a brief conversation I had with F.A.M.E, he shared that he does birthday parties, weddings, reunions, special events, and takes every potential booking very seriously. He hustles when it comes to gigs. He is traveling the world, networking, focused on pleasing his audience with fresh material, and remains professional. To have such talent in conjunction with humility, separates him from other professionals in the industry. With the mindset of a mogul that he possesses,  I have no reservations that his career will continue to grow.

Check out his spins on Soundcloud:

Also, you can follow him:

Twitter – @djfamebk

Instagram – @djfamebk

Website –DJ F.A.M.E



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