EXCLUSIVE: @TheRealMissNana Is Back With the Grown & Sexy for her NEW Music Video

Our media correspondent @arielle_ryan (IG) accepted the invitation to visit a behind the scenes look of Miss Nana’s “Nobody’s Business” music video. Arielle joined Miss Nana at a lounge in her hometown, Newark, NJ.

A well-known man in the entertainment industry, Nimi Hendrix, directed the music video. The solo dance scene you will later see in our behind-the-scenes video demonstrates the caliber of Miss Nana’s talent.

In an interview with Miss Nana she states that she has been in the industry for about 15 years. In her earlier career, Miss Nana has been on tour with a number of recording artists including Chris Brown, Bow Wow, and Marques Houston. Her management team is handled tightly by her Father Big 7. He is supportive in all of her projects.

Miss Nana states that she has worked on “Nobody’s Business” for nearly 6-months. A proud feminist, she believes that a woman in a male dominated industry can still achieve a high level of success while upholding herself in a respectful manner.

In our conversation, Nana expressed that this time around she is allowed creative control of her produced content. The concept of “Nobody’s Business” captures snippets of Nana in a business meeting, and then her performing a seductive dance in a club atmosphere. She has always been a performer with many talents, but in this video we will get to see her coming into her own as a woman, embracing her sexuality, and not the adoloescent we used to know.

There is not a set date on the release of her next EP, but she plans to release a mix tape well before that to catch traction on the new music she has in store. Her mixtape will tap into genres including pop, hip-hop, and even a little jazz and techno. Nana has never been known as a pop-artist, but once this project drops, she looks to be seen in a broader light.

(Look at our behind-the-scenes access to her upcoming video):

Throughout the development of her EP, Miss Nana proclaims that this time around, her fans will get to know her more intimately and understand the experiences she has gone through in growing into an adult. Growing up in Newark for her was most definitely not easy. Being exposed to drug abuse and gang violence was hard to handle, but Miss Nana is confident in saying that it has made her the strong and influential artist she is today.

Miss Nana tells us exclusively that her “Nobody’s Business” video is expected to release before the new year. She has some performances lined up, but if you look to follow her in the continuation of her musical journey go to www.missnana.com or to our @thalspotblog Instagram page to get the rest of her social media credentials.

Listen to her single “Nobody’s Business” here via Soundcloud:



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