Porsha and Mercedes release visual for “The Dealership”

“Ladies, Test Drive Your Whips!”

Hip Hop Duo Porsha and Mercedes released the visual The Dealership and ladies…… it’s a hot one.

Being the first single off their mixtape, also entitled “The Dealership,” Porsha and Mercedes put a spin on the traditional dealership in every way possible.  In this upbeat tune, the ladies encourage other women to go out and select the man of their choice instead of always being the ones selected.

The video puts a twist on the ideas of women always being objectified by men and instead gives the men a spot in women’s shoes. In a room full of male eye candy, Porsha and Mercedes instruct the men to strip down to be analyzed and chosen for female pleasure.  The ladies get to go around and “test drive” possible suitors and purchase whatever or “whoever” they want.  And honestly the men didn’t seem bothered by it at all. LOL.

“Our goal is to make women feel superior for once in this male dominated world,” said Porsha and Mercedes in regards to the video and their music.  Throughout their lyrics, the ladies talk about topics that society deemed taboo for females to speak on.  They show no boundaries in referencing their social or sexual preferences and what they look for in a man.  Through their music, they hope to empower women to not be discouraged from discussing their views on any topic. And to stand up and go after what they believe in.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think?

Can the roles be reversed? Can women “test drive” different men?

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