Happy Anniversary To “Made In Harlem” by @IAmStable

With this month being Stable’s anniversary for the release of his album “Made In Harlem”, we would like to share with you this music which has captivated our attention. This album loosely tells the story of a young man, Stable, who goes through many ups and downs, from being in the drug game to wanting to do better for himself by following his passion in music. Each song flows into the other telling the story and journey of Stable. This album features production by Platinum Boys Music’s own Amadeus (also Trey Songz drummer/producer) on the song “Buy You A Drink”.

Within the past year since its release, it has sold over 2,000 digital copies. Three of the songs off the album “Love”, “Jump” and “Hustla Story” have been listed as “Hottest Songs of the Week” on Ebony.com.. On iTunes the reviews he received are positive. Here are a few quotes of the reviews on this album:

“…From the intro I’ve been making the “Stank Face” when you hear the beat drop & those lyrics!!! It’s been a very long time that I’ve purchased an album and haven’t skipped a song….”

“Great album. ‘Love’ is a really good track. ‘Who Daat is a sleeper. It’s rare you find an underground album that you can sit through and enjoy. Looking forward to the next project.”

“Real music! Every borough can relate. Bump “Love” EVERYDAY!”


You can listen to snippets on iTunes and/or purchase it here: https://itun.es/us/Iv4p1

Watch the music video for the song “LOVE”, which tells the story of being addicted to drugs:

We most definitely enjoyed listening to this album and we know you would too!

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