JPP’s Fourth of July Injury May Risk Him $60 Million

Jason Pierre-Paul (JPP), a defensive end of the New York Giants had his right index finger amputated on July 8th after a tragic firework accident on July 4th.

JPP has been a strong asset to the Giants with a career high-forced fumbles (3) in the 2014 season along with his second highest amount of sacks (12.5). However, with an absent index finger and a severely fractured thumb, will JPP be able to prove himself this upcoming season as a Giant?

As many football fans, players, and coaches know, the index finger is crucial in both the 3-point stance and the 4-point stance. However, Jason Cole of Bleacher Report spoke to a pair of doctors as one of them stated, “For the purpose of grabbing, pulling and tackling, the index finger is not as important as the [middle finger and ring finger].”

Doctors say that the injury could have been a lot worse but the serious lack of proper judgment in the situation may have caused JPP a lot more than just his index finger.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapport reported the Giants pulled a $60 million offer to Pierre-Paul because of the fireworks accident. According to the New York Post’s Mark Cannizzaro, that was untrue. However, it doesn’t really matter due to the fact that JPP probably wouldn’t have accepted due to the fact that he could have gotten better offers…. before the accident.

According to Rapport, JPP “could be back in fewer than two months.” However, will he return as the same JPP that that the Giants defense needs and if not, will any other team be willing to give him a chance? This can all be summed up to say that Pierre-Paul made a very poor decision, which may or may not affect his future in the NFL.


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