Osi Nriaka Brings New Flavor to R&B

Many artists live within Rockland County, but  some may not have the ambitions of Osi Nriaka. He is a singer and songwriter from New City. Music has been a part of his life since he was three and I am ready to share his talents with the world.

“It’s something I can’t deny myself at this point” said Nriaka.

Blessed with the abilities to sing and  write songs, he is appreciative God has provided him with such talents. Not only has God influenced him as an artist, musicians such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown and other artists within his age group have inspired him to be a better artist each day.

With his love for R&B, he decided to work with a production company that goes by the name of Live Touch Studios. They offer studio recording, beats, songwriting and performance opportunities. He also creates his own music while involved with the studio.

He explains his style of music as “Hard&B, simple as that” said Nriaka.

It is rare to find artist who can actually define what their style is. With his love of R&B and it being known for soft, relaxing, sound, he wants to change the game by adding a little roughness to it. You don’t need a rapper to add that hard sound to a soft feel.

Nriaka explains his writing process by looking into his personal experiences and putting those words onto paper. From there he will come up with a beat to his words. “Or I’ll hear a beat and write down what I feel when I hear that beat” said Nriaka. It took him a while to become comfortable with singing in the booth. “What struck me at first was the fact that my voice does not sound the way it sounds in my head. Now I know what levels to use and what techniques to use to get the sound that I am looking for.

It is difficult for artists to appeal to the sound of mainstream. Working in the music industry he noticed that a lot of people would tell you how your song should sound due to what everyone hears on mainstream radio networks. A lot of the music played today, and from critics in the music industry say that everything sounds the same or nothing is authentic anymore. There isn’t a ‘different’ sound.

“As long as you find your own lane, people will gravitate to you,” said Nriaka.

Nriaka feels that as the music industry grows, artists will drift farther away from the common 360 record label deals many of the mainstream artist have today. With restrictions of creativity of management labels, many artists are not eligible for total creative control of their art.

“When independent artist can control what music they put out, this will leave more room for diversity without labels telling people what to do,” said Nriaka.

Nriaka plans to become a house name for the youth through his music or become a household name for artist when it comes to songwriting.

Nriaka has an upcoming performance on June 14th at Blackthorn 51 in Queens. He also has a mixtape dropping this summer so be on the lookout for that. In the mean time you can find a few of his songs on soundcloud at www.soundcloud.com/osi_vibes .

Instagram: @osi_vibes

SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/osi_vibes


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