Igor Mamet: Rockland County’s Up and Coming Music Mogul


Music is burgeoning in Rockland County with the help of 25-year-old Igor Mamet.Living in the East Ramapo School District and noticing unheard talent, he decided to dig up talent and bring it to light.

Originally from Russia, growing up in the United States, American music has greatly impacted his life and love of music. With a great influence of hip-hop from iconic rappers such as Eminem, 2 Pac and Biggie, he felt the need to help artist create their sound.

Mamet attended Rockland Community College and The City College of New York majoring in operational management. He interned at Chung King Studios and Sweet Sound Studios in Manhattan to learn how to properly run a studio. Being highly interested in engineering music, he realized that it was a fast growing market within the industry.

I won’t just be sitting at a desk, said Mamet. “I like to be on the move, work in different areas and different projects.”

Gaining a great amount of experience from schooling and his internship, he decided to launch his own company Live Touch Studios. Passionate for audio engineering and event coordinating, Mamet launched his company in April of 2014. It took him approximately a year to get his company running.

“It took a lot of networking and building a client list,” said Mamet. I went to a lot of conventions on the music industry and applied what I learned. To get where it is now, I’d say a solid year.”

 Mamet is not the only person behind Live Touch Studios. He has help from his business partner Jonathan Osbourne. Osbourne is the music producer for Live Touch Studios. Osinachi Nriaka, is the head A&R, Singer and Songwriter. Last but not least, there is Matthew Townsend who is also an event coordinator for community engagement.

With these partnerships, Mamet has been able to help his company continue to flourish. Since the launching of his company, he decided to work out of his home. He has turned his basement into an amazing studio with great equipment to capture the soul of these artists in the Rockland Community, as well as, artists from NYC and NJ, who travel to Live Touch Studios to record their music.

On top of working in the studio, Mamet and his business partners host many events promoting his studio and the artists that come in to record. One of his most successful events to date is The Indie Flare Project. The Indie Flare Project is an event for artists to come together to showcase their music, which is held at Levity Live, within the Palisades Mall that is opened to the public. The Indie Flare Project will be held for the fourth time this June.

Mamet hopes to move his company to a major city and expand clientele. He wants to  create educational programs about the music industry in schools all over the nation. His ultimate goal is to win Grammys, showcases nationally and internationally . Mamet eventually wants to branch off into radio and broadcasting.

Auditions for the next Indie Flare Project will be held Saturday, May 30th from 12:00pm-6:00pm at Shades Repertory Theater  on 64 New Main St., NY 10927. Please bring in 2 performance tracks on a CD or Flash Drive .

Instagram: @livetouch

Twitter: @livetouchinfo

Email: LiveTouchinfo@gmail.com




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