Keeping It In The Family: Catching Up With Music Production Group D-Limitz

There is no stopping music’s latest production company D-Limitz. Branding themselves under the genre of Hip-Hop Fusion, the three brothers have always had a passion for all things music.

Interestingly enough, despite their current focus on hip hop, the three brothers started out in music as African drummers and jazz musicians. Today, the brothers rely on their backgrounds across the different platforms offering a new sound to Hip Hop.

According to the brothers, it’s their humble beginnings that not only keeps them driven, but also gave them the inspiration for the name. “The ‘Limitz’ shows that we are limitless in everything that we do. We never had much growing up, but the things that kept us driven were our dreams and each other,” said D-Limitz.

Staying true to their name, D-Limitz, has big plans for the future as they continue on their musical journey. Understanding that music is one of the world’s biggest influencers, the brothers plan to be known internationally for their music.

But for now the brothers are taking on more current projects, an EP titled “Sky is D-Limitz,” and a music video produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff, titled, “Ima Do My Thang.”

To check out more music by D-Limitz be sure to check out their website at

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