Belle on Fifth: A New Style Hits the Palisades Mall

The Palisades Mall is the second largest mall within the New York, tri-state area. It is a great place for food, family and friend activities, but most importantly fashion!

Walking around the mall on a busy Friday, I came across a new store, Belle On Fifth. As I walked in, the vibe brought great feelings. Different from the average clothing stores, this new haven is a high fashioned boutique with great affordable prices. Many women feel they can’t keep up with today’s trends because everything is so expensive now a day’s. Belle On Fifth ‘closes the gap’ between trendy clothes and prices.

Being a New York native, I loved the name of the brand. Fifth Avenue[is known to have trendy fashion boutiques/stores catered to women from the New York tri-state area. Browsing around the store, I wanted to know more about the company.

After searching Belle On Fifth online, I came across their website. It is very easy to navigate and the same great feeling I felt walking into the store, I felt online. I loved that there is more variety in store than there is online. I found out the brand originally launched as an online shopping boutique founded by Hafsa Yakoob. She is from Sri Lanka and is actively involved by designing every single piece you see online and in store. To assure great customer service, Yakoob  makes trips to the company’s warehouse to personally package and ship out the stores merchandise herself.

If you’re looking for trendy fashion and on an affordable budget, I advise everyone to visit Belle On Fifth’s clothing in stores at the Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, NY, located on the first floor. If you cant make it to the boutique, make sure to check out their clothing online here at


11149564_427547624073988_6337685137425088647_o Photo Credit: Belle On Fifth


Photo Credit: Belle on Fifth




Instagram:   @belleonfifth 


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