The Voice of Charleston, SC Big D is Making His Mark In The South

The voice of Charleston, South Carolina, artist, Diontre Moore, known as Big D, has been making his mark throughout the south such as South Carolina, North Carolina, Atlanta and more, which has earned him the title of “The Voice of Charleston”. He has been on tour spreading his music through different popular clubs in the south such as Brass Elephant, Club Crucial, Spank Georges, Willies, Club Paradise and more. His hit single “Bet You Won’t Turn Up”, has been played on popular radio stations such as z93 Jams and 99.3 The Box. Also, featured in Geechee One Magazine, and was awarded Best Song of the Year for “Bet You Won’t Turn Up” at the Geechee One Awards 2014.

Big D is known for his unique sound and his catchy hooks especially on his singles like Go Dumb Girl, One Life and Deal with Daddy, just to name a few. Besides being an artist, he is a songwriter and he has had the opportunity to work with other artist such as Black Noize (Asap Rockys Live Band), MPA Wicced, Dirty Dave, Marly Mar, and few others.

DiontreMoore The Voice of Charleston Back

He recently released his most anticipated album The Voice of Charleston (available on iTunes:, which has been in demand by fans and the Coalitions Deejays, who are known for breaking records.

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