Artists On Our Radar: @IAmLeonMarin

We are often followed by artists on our social media accounts, which are pretty much those that we cater to, however, a lot of these artists don’t know that we are watching. There are so many talented artists everywhere but we often like to see how consistent and active these artists are in pursuing their dreams. One artist in particular who has been all over our newsfeed is Leon Marin, so we had to do our research and find out more about him.

Leon Marin is a Hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, NY. He shares stories through his music of his life experiences growing up in NYC. He is very conscience of the words and phrases he uses in his lyrics. He made the choice to not speak about the same topics that many other rappers speak of in their music such as sex, drugs and money. He is an artist that you would want to listen to every single word he is saying but still can nod your head to it because of his flow and the beats. Take a look from “Behind The Unsigned” episode of Leon Marin and how he tells his story and breaks down his lyrics:

I listened to one of his songs “Problems” and I was confused at first because of how the song started. It sounded like a young soft voice of a teenager but then through the progression of the song, I started to hear Leon’s older voice. He told a story of growing up and being picked on in school, and how it was a problem he didn’t know how to solve. However, I loved how he used the changes in his voice to express his story even more! Take a listen here:

Not too long ago, Leon Marin had the opportunity to showcase his talents on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” for the show’s segment “Ready, Set, Flow”, which the participants have to rap using 3 of the words that was given to them at least once in their rhymes. Leon had to use the words pitbull, corn field, and birthday cake. Leon Marin made use of every word in his lyrics and it had flow and made sense. This opportunity has helped expose him to a wider range of audience.

Leon Marin is on our radar and we can’t wait to hear new music from him and see more opportunities for him. To find out more about Leon Marin, visit his website or follow him on Instagram/Twitter: @iamleonmarin

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